Test with us!

We will be handling our testing in a few waves. Because we are migrating members from our previous community, Avaricia to Avalyss, those members will be able to play before anyone else. After that, we'll be introducing new players from the outside.

Alpha Testing

We will then run our kickstarter. Depending on the level of financial support, we can begin further fleshing out our features.

Beta Testing

Will my data be wiped?

It is our goal to avoid major data wipes. We consider major data wipes to be inventories, social interactions (friends, posts, etc), and major game progressions such as character levels, story and quest progressions and their rewards. However, due to the nature of our game, minor roll-backs will be inevitable throughout the Alpha and closed Beta phases as new features are put online. These types of rollbacks will typically involve free in-game currency and EXP.

Avaricia Member Benefits

Gold and Silver token holding members will get a special bundle of items, some exclusive, never to be released again. Although we are no longer issuing gold and silver tokens, new members can still request silver tokens from other members until Early Alpha ends, or all silver tokens have been given away.

Anyone who joins Avaricia and makes at least one post within the Avalyss forum. Will get a Bronze token. This token will allow guaranteed early access before Open Alpha with a few exclusive item benefits. Once Open Alpha begins, bronze tokens will no longer be handed out.

Apply to be an Alpha Tester

We'll be selecting Alpha Testers from a pool of applicants. We are looking for Alpha testers of all experience levels, interests, and available play-time lengths. Open Alpha testing will begin once our foundation systems are stable and enough items and content are available to play and experiment with. Stay tuned to our social media or keep up to date with us on Avaricia!

A note to Avaricia Members: If you have a Gold, Silver or Bronze token, you do not need to fill out this form!

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