The Avatars

Your character in Avalyss will be the main interaction point in the game. You will interact with the story's characters with one of your own creation. The story will progress from the eyes of the main characters, but your character will experience how the events shape the world around them.

The Bases

Avalyss will feature three base types: female male and androgynous. There will be ten default skin tones and four poses options to choose from by default. Skins are possible as well as unlimited pose options tied to items!





The Items

Items will have some special, unique features!

The Recoloring System

Collect "colors" throughout the game by completing quests or through our crafting system. You can then apply the color to any item you equip. Simply select the part and which color from what you have available! Recoloring will also apply to your character's hair, eyes, and more! Never again will you have to worry about your colors not matching!

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