About Avalyss

Avalyss will be a browser-based RPG game that can be played conveniently from any device, be it your computer or phone. We will have functions of an Avatar Community such as customizable avatars, dress up items to collect and a forum social structure. However, our focus is not on the avatar community aspects alone. Instead, we will be focusing on story progression, challenging gameplay, and world exploration. Avalyss will always have something new to explore as long as there is story to tell! Our story has three whole timelines to explore, each one equivalent to about three volumes in a typical book or graphic novel.

Our story is Science-Fantasy in nature, mixing elements of fantasy, the future and modern times together into one interesting package.


Twenty years ago, the world was plunged into chaos. A dark power known as Oblivia began to spread from a mysterious and ancient monolithic structure. Those who escaped succumbed to a horrible plague that came to be known as Aphotry. Flora and Fauna alike wither and fade out of existence. If a creature with consciousness succumbs to Aphotry, the soul will wander in confusion and fear, waiting for the end of their torment. Thus, the Shadowsouls were born.

Oblivia stopped spreading, but the city of New Aeden promised hope to all those living in fear of the scourge. Exposed to the light of Cosma, those afflicted could be healed. A great barrier of light protects the dark energy from entering. Hordes of people migrated to New Aeden, leaving their lives and homes behind. Those left behind were the orphaned, elderly, poor, sick, and disabled. These people became known as the "Outsiders".

Years later, the Outsiders have forged their own way in the abandoned lands left in Oblivia's wake and are fighting to protect the people, land and life outside of New Aeden. They became known as the COSMA Faction.

Is New Aeden really the answer to Oblivia? Will it begin to spread again?


Here are just a few of the many characters you'll find in the world of Avalyss!

Xan is the resident bibliophile. He's in search of a long-lost book from his childhood. He's interested in myths and legends. Xan is a quiet and reserved young man, but fiercely loyal to those he trusts. His weapon of choice is ranged weapons: preferably energy guns. Xan will often go out of his way to help others, often only to prove his worth. He is frequently seen with his closest friend, Kadri, whom he's known his entire life.

Kadri worked her way into the ranks of the COSMA Faction, impressing the Commander with a knack for repurposing old tech. A boisterous young woman, Kadri is full of quips and sarcasm. She's well-versed in melee combat, preferring to use her own strength in battle. Despite her tough exterior, a gentler side can sometimes be seen. The roots of her and Xan's history are more entwined than they know.

Roslin is very protective of her young brother, Evin. At the age of only nine, she lost her mother. Since then, she organized her life around her family. Used to the comforts of New Aeden, Roslin is oblivious to the world outside the protective barrier. When two outsiders show up to kidnap Evin, she is thrown into a wave of chaos. Roslin must learn how to fight for more than just her brother, but for all of humanity.

Duncan is tasked with maintaining COSMA Faction's generators, scattered throughout "the outer-world". He works alongside his brother, Ruben to keep the Faction's inhabitants safe. The two brothers lost their parents to Aphotry. He strives to prevent others from meeting the same fate. Duncan is playful, jubilant man who prefers to stay on the brighter side. He's trained in melee battle and is partial to single-handed swords.

About Us

Avalyss is made up of a team of dedicated individuals who have a long-time love for RPG games, avatar and pet sites. The idea for Avalyss came about in 2018, when we decided it was time to try something new with our former community, Avaricia. We're taking much of the back-end code from our old community and building upon it. We're also taking what we learned in our ten-year experiment: from art, processes, the community as a whole and bringing something fresh and exciting to the table.


The concept began in 2006, when Bobbi began a webcomic project, then titled "The Road to Eden". On whim, she decided to create a small forum with dress up avatars for the comic as a fun way to connect with the readers. She didn't intend for it to become a true "Avatar Community". However, new members flocked in. A young programmer known as Dogcow joined, wanting to build an avatar and shop system. Quickly, the avatar community aspect took over and the comic went on the backburner. Time and life complicated matters. In 2018, it was decided that old art, processes, and the way Avaricia did things was holding the community back. It was time to begin anew with better focus. Rather than creating an avatar community forum, it was decided to go the route of a game. Everything snowballed from there, resulting in what is now known as Avalyss.

Our characters and world are the same those in the original "Road to Eden" comic, but fully realized. Because of the connection between Avaricia and the story, we kept the "Ava" part of the name, our community pet-name for the site.

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