Our Features

Avalyss has many planned features. These features will be developed based on their importance and relevance to the overall game. Here's some of what you can expect in the future.

Primary Gameplay Mechanics

Our gameplay focuses on World, Characters and Story. The world allows for unique exploration, each new map area containing something new to discover, be it Shadowsouls to fight and clear, new NPCs, shops, places to search and explore or new settlements. Characters are the way by which players interact with the world, by receiving quests, helping them to collect items, and earning their trust. Finally, the Story ties the gameplay together into one package. New map areas, character quests and dialogue become available as story content is completed.

Story Feature

The story is the heart of the game. You will progress through the story through three books, their respective volumes and chapters. Each chapter is comprised of scenes. Scenes may be in a visual-novel style format, written prose with illustrations, comics, and mini-games (such as special battles). We hope to present the story in a truly interesting way! When you complete a scene, chapter, volume and book, you'll get special rewards for each.

As each new chapter is complete, new quests, areas, and dialogue will become available.

World Exploration

As you progress through the story, new areas will become available to explore. Each area is made up of zones, where you must clear each sector of Shadowsouls and place a generator to unlock the new content therein. Here you can find new supplies, new characters, quests, new shops, and abandoned places to explore.

Battle Feature

You'll be able to engage in battle through the world exploration system. Newcomers or those wanting to practice a new skill can utilize our training center. You can battle against other players in our PVP system or try for rare prizes in our Colosseum.

Avalyss will utilize a class system allowing you to master all the Range or Melee class types. We will also utilize a "magic" type of system (Streams).

Pet / Summon Feature

There will be a summon feature that will function quite a bit like a pet system. Train your creature to fight alongside you in battle. Summoned creatures will also evolve and grow over time based on your actions!

Character System

Our characters will be dynamic and ever-changing. As the story progresses, you'll see changes in the characters you encounter. Earn the trust of the playable characters so that they may assist you in battle. By earning trust, you can also unlock more of each character's inventory. You'll be able to customize your own characters, from their hairstyle, clothing, accessories and battle equipment. Characters will have moods, resulting in battle enhancements and special unique attacks, creating a truly strategic game experience!

Different Shop Types

We will use a variety of different shop types! The standard shop will allow you to purchase common items such as general clothing and accessories. Crafting shops will require items to "make" another (such as two pieces of wood to make a basic sword). Major characters will have a special shop type that requires trust points in order to unlock their inventories. They will ask for types of items, and in return, more of their inventory will become available to you as you earn their trust. We will also employ rotating inventory shops that will be used in a variety of ways, such as helping to find additional supplies, or to use for travelling vendors.

Social Features

Avalyss will utilize a forum, with custom user profiles, a "guild" system. Players can trade items and currency between each other using our trade system. Notifications will let you know when something new has happened. Eventually, we will create a social media-like system where you can share whatever to all your friends and through tags, without worrying about making forum posts.

Alpha and Beta Testing

During our early Alpha testing period, only a small amount of features will be available. We will have a have a rudimentary training arena, shops to earn character trust, and the beginning of our story system. Custom recoloring of items will also be available. Think of it as an old-school avatar community, enhanced!

Additional features will be added in time throughout Alpha and Beta. The speed at which these occur depends entirely upon funding. We will be releasing a kickstarter during our Open Alpha period to help fund more of our features.

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